Monday, December 31, 2012

A year in review - and a winner

Holy smokes! I really didn't think I did Jack Squat all year. There are even a few little goodies that didn't make it in there. High five for me!

Rundown of the year for yours truly: 
- Randomly made purses for myself and others. The urge comes and goes, usually corresponds with exploded pens or spilled drinks.
- Signed up for my first bee, but sadly had to leave due to life getting crazy. That really sucked. I still feel bad about it. 

- Successfully participated in 6 swaps. Got some hella cool stuff from all around the world to boot. 

 - Made baby blankets for 2 different friends and one as a thank you to my aunt for loving my kid. 

- Managed to learn how to embroider and had a blast with it. 

- Started using zippers and quickly fell in love with them all over again 

 - Tried curved piecing and fell madly in love with it. Can't wait to do more of that. 

-FMQ an entire (baby) quilt and didn't throw it in the trash. Larger ones will not be done any time soon. 

Life away from the thread was......ok. Certainly not the best year, but very far from the worst.  Can't wait to see what 2013 brings for everyone.

Also, the winner of the giveaway is  Liz DandelionD. I'll be emailing you shortly for your info :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Giveaway goodness!

So while browsing through the blog reader, I found this awesome linky party!! Since I'm already doing a small giveaway I thought I might as well combine them.

Having helped with the Sailor Mouth Swap via Flickr, I'll stitch up something with your favorite naughty word. It will be a complete surprise but I'm sure you'll snicker. Since not everyone has potty mouth, I'll be glad to make something with a rated G word too.

But wait! There's more! If more than 30 comments I'll even throw in a charm pack of Little Apples.

Leave a comment telling me your most interesting Christmas gift experience. Think Ralphie and his pink bunny suit. If you follow me on my blogging adventure, you get another entry.

Entries will be open until December 22nd. If you're a no reply blogger leave me an email address.

Go check out the other awesome goodies too!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

WARNING! NAUGHTY WORDS! and a small giveaway :)

Before I fell off the face of the earth, I had said something about our Sailor Mouth Swap. It was a blast! After the 1st of the year round 2 should start up. I was a nervous wreck sewing for the lovely Sarah of Narcoleptic in a Cupboard. She is just awesome. Love the stuff she makes and her silly wit. I kind of want to steal her cat and love it all day. She's so fluffy! From yours truly she received a pillow cover, a hoop and bag.

SMS - bag 
This bag was a bit of an after thought. I went back and reread her survey and she wanted a bag! There's nothing spectacular or sweary on it. Its just kind  of spiffy. Perfect size! Fits all your junk and an Ipad.
Sailor Mouth Swap - hoop 
Here's the hoop. It was my first hoop ever, so I hope I made it right. This was inspired by a conversation about comfort zone needed for "doing paperwork". It's even been pinned on Pinterest!! That put some pep in my step.
Sailor Mouth Swap - Pillowcase
This was the pillow cover. Hehehe! I tried to make the writing look as swirly girlie as possible
even the envelope is awesome...
 As per most swaps,the envelope was obnoxiously decorated. (Photo from Sarah's flickr.)

I got THE BEST goodies sent to me. Amy of [Amy's] Crafty Shenanigans sent me the coolest stuff. I'm an ass and didn't take pictures of it all perfect and pretty. Now it's all being used and loved so here are the pictures she took when everything was perfect and crisp.

Sailor Mouth Swap FINISHED
Borrowed from Amy's flickr.

LOVE the fabric! One of my favorite prints. And we had just used some for a block for FWMQG. I was so confused as to the pouch though. Whale oil beef hooked? At first I thought it was saucy Jack Speak but instead you say it fast and it sounds like something else. Of course, having a twangy Texan accent so it didn't click right away. Duh!!! Once it did, I almost peed my pants laughing. There was even some heavenly British candies in the pouch. So tasty!

So, the giveaway? I'll pick one comment, assuming there is more than one, and make something from a naughty word of your choice and mail it to you. Won't tell you when or what it is but it will be a swearing surprise :) Hell, I'll even ship it out of good ol "Merica.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well hello, we meet again.

Good lord, the last time I posted on this thing was July?? Wow. Quick recap of real life events.

- August was my last month of working for someone else. Trying to get all my ducks in a row so I could try and keep a clientele was hard. Me and the bestie share a small suite in a salon now. It's kind of like having a dorm except neither of us went off to university. It's a much happier atmosphere, I work with all my friends and the hours are more forgiving. One of my coworkers is amazing in that she used to teach quilting classes! She is a fountain of knowledge for me. I love the hell out of her. Sadly, the move means no more sit and sew with quilt guild girls.

- My son has started school. He's in the 3 yr old class even though he turned 4in November. We had to switch programs because he had a terrible teacher at his first one. This is the first week at the new school and so far he loves it. It was my first choice for school but they didn't have an opening until now. Perfect timing really. It's hard seeing him get so big. It only speeds up from here.

- I've decided that the plumpy was getting too bad and went on a bit of a diet. Cutting back a lot on carbs/sugars. The first week I was a bitch, plain and simple. My blood sugar went all crazy but now I've adjusted to it. It's nothing extreme, but definitely a necessity. Getting closer to 30 is making me more observant to my bad habits.

-Late October my dad died. He wasn't a good father by any stretch of the imagination. We hadn't spoken in 7 years. Now its a super fun legal go round with everything because there was no will and I have a lazy older brother. Blarg.

I say all of this to say, life got in the way of fun stuff for me. Other than estate stuff everything is going along swimmingly. I have been busy sewing and swapping though. I want to get back into the bloggy goodness. In the mean time, I've discovered instagram. I'm sosaysthehermit if you want to follow along.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That time I popped out 2 quilts

I FIIINALLY finished an asshole quilt. It was a pain from the get go. Nothing went right, at all. Well I finally showed that beast what's up!

I think it looks marvelous now! You can't really see it but I used one of DS fabrics from Joann's for the binding. 

The back is a vintage sheet I thrifted ages ago. Its so very soft. Extra snuggly :) 

 Then, in record time, I started AND finished a quilt in less than a week. Gasp and amazement! In all fairness, it was a baby quilt. 

It's Oh Franson's Mixtape quilt pattern. This is definitely one of my favorite patterns ever! I used Backyard Baby from Michael Miller. I bought 1/2 yard of each print and needed a fat eighth. Looks like Little Man is going to get one of these too. It's sashed in Kona Ash and the binding is Kona Orange, maybe Tangerine? The back is a light brown thrifted sheet. This one goes out tomorrow. Hope momma (and soon baby boy) like it :)

I'll be linking up with a few of you lovely linky ladies this week. Go check them all out. There is some seriously good stuff out there.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Word vomit with a few pretty pictures

I have been a busy little beaver. Allegory and I are hosting a swap over on Flickr

Look! I made this
She's definitely the get people roped in type. I'm more of an OOH! LISTS! organizational freak. Either way, I'm hella excited and people should go join pronto!

Proud nerd moment of the week? Making a banner for this silly little corner of blogville. If you are viewing this in a reader, go feed my excitement and ooh and ahh over the simple little lovelies at the top. I've been trying to make one off and on but I couldn't ever get the damn thing to look right. FINALLY! SUCCESS IS MINE! Bwaahahahaha!

One of the great things about only having one kid in a three bedroom house is that you get a whole bedroom all to your sewing self. Granted, its teeny little bedroom but damn is it perfect for sewing. I'm a bit messy when I'm working. A few weeks ago I thought, "I have no shame. I'll share with the world how bad it is"

Here is is before, in all its messy, cell phone picture glory. At least the main part of it. 

Here is the whole thing looking about as neat as its going to look.  Sometimes I just open my cabinet and stare. Maybe run my hands along. Sometimes just organizing is soothing. Weird huh? 

Here is my block for our Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild Challenge. We could use up to 3 solids and were all given the same FQ. The results were amazing! There are some seriously talented women (and now 1 man) in there. For mine, I cut the FQ into stripes and used only it for my block, minus that one teeny piece of yellow. Its the first time I'd done a log cabin style block. I thought it look pretty snazzy.

Here are the threads I picked out for my new embroidery pattern that I designed all by myself. I was inspired by my bestie doing her hair with the ombre effect. I'd like to eventually turn it into a PDF.

Here's what I've got so far. I'll probably turn this one into a pillow as well. It will stay in my sewing room for the sake of the white staying white. Although my dear fluffy kitties knocked over a whole mug of coffee inches from a wall outlet, it may not be safe anywhere. 

I also finished 2 quilts this week, but that will be another day.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The one for Fran

For Fran

I completely forgot to post the final results of this one.
Turned out smaller than I had wanted, but the borders went well so all is good. Finished it up crazy quick because I used the easy thread needles to hide the end threads from quilting. How did I NOT hear about these til now?! I tried them on another quilt and the thread was from Connecting Threads. Lesson learned: not strong enough to get snapped in to those needles. This one was quilted with a heavier weight thread and I had no problems. Not sure if it was the brand difference or the weight difference.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First embroidery finish!

I FINALLY finished my embroidery project for the bestie's birthday. So what if it was a good 5 weeks late. I say in the world of handmade gifts that isn't too terribly late :)

It started out as this
Embroidery transferred

Then got to here


I asked her if she wanted a pillow or a wall hanging and she opted for a pillow.

Sugar skull pillow

This was my first time making an envelope closure and I think I rocked it! The front is some Kona I had. It turned out just like I wanted! I was so amazed. My mom helped me pick out threads and she did way better than me. High five for mom! The best compliment was when she took it to work everyone asked if I sell them and if I would make a custom one for them. I don't think I ever would but hearing that my stuff is good enough to sell is such high praise. Made me turn pink just like tequila does.

I'll be linking up to Fabric Tuesday @ Quilt Story because I've never remembered to post on Tuesdays.

Fresh Poppy Design

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Even technology gets brain farts

I got on my blogger app to make THIS post and saw the last one didn't go through. That's a wee bit annoying.

I had these on my phone and thought I would share

These are from my rainbow charm swap. I'm still waiting on the neutral and solids swap to come in. I swear, I sent off for that forever ago. I'll make some sort of patchwork rainbow goodie it of it. My poor husband was not excited about that one hehe. His favorite one I've made has been black and white.

This is the face of a Camille as she spray bastes. That stuff is uhhhmazing but it gets all over. I have enough chemicals in my lungs from hair products and smoking, I don't need glue too thankyouverymuch. I like to consider this the spray baste bandit look :)

What do you do that makes you look like a crazy person while crafting?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A stitchy affair

I haven't been behind the needle so much lately. I've been doing my first big embroidery project and it's zen as all get out, but it doesn't go very quickly.

Sugar skull

Here is what's done so far. I'd say it's actually close to finish. I'm kind of figuring it out as I go, so if there are any huge glaring boo boos, someone please enlighten me.

Pouch in use

This is my pouch from the pouch swap I did a few months back. This thing is the perfect freaking size and shape. That's a 6" hoop, but an 8" would fit too. Can't wait til the next round of that one.

Fran in progress

Here is the top all pieced together. First time I think I've done borders. And here I've put on two! *gasp* This is going to go to my dear aunt that kept my son while I was working. She'd still be keeping him if my uncle's health hadn't gone kaput. It's made it of a layer cake but I effed it up good and proper and didn't take into account how small the pieces would get. The blocks looked like maxi pads with wings. Good times, good times. I like how it turned out, just wish I hadn't wasted so much in the learning process. I've quilted it and just pinned the binding on tonight. I'll take a jillion more pictures when it's all said and done.

Polka dot purse

I also made this little purse. It's from a pattern on etsy, can't remember from who at the moment. I altered it a bit and made the handles one piece instead of using the metal hoops (didn't have any) and it has a magnetic snap instead of a flap going over it. It's canvas with cotton on the inside. I didn't use interfacing because I didn't want to fit with it if I wasn't going to like it. I know what I'll change when I make another one. I have some cute chevron that would look cute, but with a stripe to cover where the pieces meet.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keeping the USPS a float

I've been at the post office a lot lately. I sent off charms for 2different swaps, a bee block and pin cushions.

This is what I made for my partner in FLiPS. She said she likes saturated colors Andy when asked about nerd stuff she may like The Big Bang Theory was on there. Being a Sheldon lover, I was inspired to make the Bazinga. It was the first time I've attempted embroidery and been, I think, somewhat successful. I should improve my penmanship.

This is the May block for Stash Bee. Wonky is really hard for me because I'm too organized for it. Even this has a rhythm to it. It was fun though. I want to make a star quilt like this soon so it was good practice.
Other than that, I've been lazy on the sewing front. I've gotten sucked into the best selling smut romance series Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm the type of reader that reads them nonstop until I finish them. The first book took me 2 evenings and a lunch break. I highly suggest them. Your man friend will appreciate it I'm sure.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day!

Lily's Quilts

If this is your first time stopping by, welcome! I'm Camille and I've been at this quilting thing for a year or two now. I sewed clothes a lot many years (and 25 pounds) ago, but quilts don't make you feel bad about your measurements. Kind of like shoe shopping. If I sew any clothes now, it's more alterations. I post when I remember and try to comment on others more. Feel free to follow along

Lily's Quilts

Ok, so it's the second day versus the first but close enough. No late fees in blogging.

Here is what I've finished, worked on and sent off this last month.

1 - this is a stack of fabrics I cut up while working on my own pattern. I'm hoping to turn it into a pattern for sale someday.
2 - this got sent to the lovely Deborah of Little miss sew unsew. She was my swap buddy in for the love of solids and I was HER swap buddy in Bee a {modern} swap. It's a block/ goodie swap off. She also gave me the Leibster award! Everyone I read has already gotten it so when I find someone new I'll pass it out :)
3 - Spectrum Charm Swap - Brights swap. These are actually getting sent out tomorrow. I got yellow and it was so hard to shop for! I'm not a big yellow person, especially bright yellow. I was going to order some online it I think it was all a bit off. Luckily, there was a living social deal for a local quilt shop. It was really hard finding yellow yellows. Most I found (and liked) we yellow orange.
4 - my house block for April in Stash Bee. Stephanie wanted 2 solids but could only get my hands on one in time. I had this cute house print from Connecting Threads. It popped in my head and kind of fit with me. I lived in the big city for years before moving way out here in the boonies.
5 - this was my March block for the Stash Bee. I was running late with this one. Oops! First tree that came to mind was a palm tree. I was dreaming of vacations with sexy cabana boys and drinks with umbrellas.
6 - neutral and solids charm swap. I can't wait to get all these charms back! I think I'll do a warm/ cool project. I had a really great idea for all these, but not sure if it will work out. Time will tell.
7&8 - pretty {little} pouch swap goodies. I had a blast with this swap! Hopefully I can get back in next round.
9 - started and am almost finished with my curlique quilt top. I've actually only got one big row and the small half row left and I'll be done. Curves are really not that scary after all. Once Lynne sells her latest pattern I think I'll get it. I love that design! I think it would work with prints too. Just have to be veeeeery picky with fabric choices.

Now I just have a couple bee blocks to put together and a pin cushion and I'll be caught up. Until I sign up for a bajillion more things.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I think I've become a swap junkie. I did 2 last year and fell in love. Swaps are perfect because 1 - you get mail that ISN'T a bill and 2 - you have a reason to make goodies :) I sent out my FLOSS ages ago and haven't seen her post anything on the group yet. I reeeeally hope it didn't get lost going across the pond. I signed up for Fab Little Pincushion Swap, Bee a {modern} Swapper, Pretty {little} Pouch Swap Round 4 ,and Rainbow Fabric Charm Swap March 2012. AAAHH!!! It's making me stretch my lazy brain and I love it!

It's done!

This is what I have for my pretty{little} pouch partner. I reeeeally hope she likes it. This girl can sew! I may try to make another one when I go to Saturday sew. Oddly enough, the zipper rocks, its the lining that I'm not completely pleased with.

1st attempt at a zip pouch

I did this right after I signed up for the pouch swap just too see if I could still do zippers. That is made out of a charm square and I kinda love it. These zippers are like quilty crack, except you won't end up like poor Whitney. Too soon?

Then I got sewing ADD. I don't know why I've been so damn flighty and wanting to start 39 different projects.

1st bag

This was the first clutch I made. I showed the girls at work in hopes I could make some to sell. One of the girls is very Jerseylicious. I have the exact opposite in taste. She wanted neon green outside, neon pink inside and some black somewhere. Have I mentioned I hate neons? Anywho, 3 episodes of Supernatural later, I came out with this.

Bag for J

It looks like an effing piece of mail from Blue's Clues. FML. The new one is appliqued zebra sort of. I think it all looks absolute shit, but I said I would do it. My husband said to make things I like and people will either buy it or not. Every now and then a nugget of wisdom pops out.

Bag for B

This one is going better. I still need to figure out how I want to do the band for the top, pop frame or just a snap. Decisions decisions.....

As if I hadn't committed myself to every possible thing under the sun I said I would help out on this.

Made by M

A coworker uses Coke tabs and crochets these amazing bags. This is a teeny tiny one she wants a zipper in. How in the hell am I going to do that?! When I would knit all the time I couldn't ever sew any kind of linings on, let alone ones with zippers. I'm pretty sure I have thread coming out my ears and this point.

I did, however make some time for goodies for me. I busted this out finally.

curlique WIP

Sewing curves is hella cool. I was pinning them all and got sick of it taking so long so I started free styling it with some tweezers and its waaaay faster. I haven't sewn any rows together yet. I'm a little worried none a few seams might not match up. Either way I really dig it :)

I'll be linking up with the usual suspects again. Go check 'em out and spread some comment love <3

Sunday, March 18, 2012

For the Love of Solids Swap Round 2

Holy hell! I am seriously the luckiest bean in the bag. I got the mail and lo and behold I got the most drool worthy little goodies. The darling Deborah of Little Ms Sew-Unsew nailed it.

My own lil Tardis!


Ok, so here's the dill pickles, I am an uber nerd. I could watch Dr. Who all the time and not grow tired. The fact that this is perfect seamed and the little squares are individually quilted is just flat out amazing. This is my wall o swaps. I need to move one up though. My scrap tub is taking over. Or I could sort those out..... Nah.


This is the mini quilt she sent. It's the perfect size for this wall. I put safety pins in so I can rotate it around. The back is just as beautiful as the front. I loooove the little pop of orange in it. My husband was confused seeing orange and purple together. Bless his heart, he just doesn't get color. Any time any shade of red is next to any shade of green he says it looks like Christmas. >_<

I also got in on the Pretty Little Pouch Swap! So excited! I've been wanting to try pouches so this is the perfect opportunity to kick some zipper ass!

Pretty Little Pouch Swap

Here is my little mosaic. I hope it is enough help to my partner. Really though, I think anything I get will be amazing. I hope what I make is good enough. Does anyone else have that worry that what they make won't make someone else happy?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting my nerd on!

I got in on the for the love of solids swap again this year. WOO! It's a total challenge for me. I was freaking out a bit because I wanted to make something pixel and bold. Why freaking out? Because prints are a weeee bit more forgiving on points not matching. After making one whole thing and thinking it sucked eggs I started a new one. I turned to tetris! I googled tetris love and found this design on some video game website(can't remember where). I used colors my partner liked and went with it. This picture is total shit though.

FLOSS Big item

Its been so windy lately. I wasn't going to risk this blowing away. The back is just 2 big pieces I had left over sewn together.

FLOSS Little items

These are the little items. I just want to toot my own horn a bit and say this was figured out by yours truly. I'd never sewn curves before and I made them my bitch! A couple of girls at work have requested one, but with a bow to make a misses. I bought Chasing Cotton's Curlicue pattern last year. I dove into the closet o' lovelies and came up with this bundle.

Fabric for curlique

Its mostly It's a Hoot, and a little who knows what. I've always take pictures of fabrics together and convert them to black and white. I think it's a pretty good mix. Plus its all stuff I had.

The rainbow charm swap on a blue chair fills up in about .01 seconds. I got in on Sara of Modern Pink Designs. I got pink. Not sure if I'll go stash diving or use it as an excuse to go shopping. Either way, I already know what I'm going to use with all my rainbow goodies. Bwaahahahahaha! *Imagine Monty Burns hands*

Since I seem to always write on Wednesday, I'll be linking up with the other supreme sewing superstars at Freshly Pieced.