Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lovely year of finishes - February

Hello my little poppets! Made up a whole post for January, only to realize I was a day late for the finish linky. So is life.

Let's see what's under the needle for the month!

First up, one that is already finished. This is what I'm sending my partner for Pretty Little Pouch Swap. She listed the colors she likes, and best yet, the ones she doesn't. I was so thankful she included that or I would have used colors she doesn't care for.

 The other side 

Here is one side of it. For the circles I used my new Sizzix cutter. Man oh man is that thing cool! If only the dies were more easily available. I almost returned it in exchange for an Accuquilt, but the dies are all crooked. Sizzix makes it easier to line everything up. 

And this is the other side. Is it weird that there is a different layout on each side? Seemed like different designs but the same fabrics would Jazz it up a little. 

Here is the inside lining and the simple little pocket. I ordered the orange fabric a while back and wasn't sure what I would ever use it for, but it was perfect for this! Isn't it great when it all works out.

After making this lil lovely what else could I possibly need to finish? Other than the 2398234 different projects in various stages of incomplete, I'm going to go with my Madrona Road challenge.

Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, which I haven't been the best member of because of pesky work, joined in on the fun. Our guidelines were to only use this line but could include up to 3 solids, and had to be a quilt of some sort. The deadline is the February meeting so its pretty much a given this has to come together. 

Here is part of the top. I drew it all out on some graph paper and made blocks, then rows. Sadly, as it was coming together I would step back and see if it was working and damned if there weren't mistakes throughout! God bless the post it! Some of the goof ups were right smack in the middle. Only a few rips and snips and inset seams, right pieces in the right spots.

This is where it is at as of this morning. The back is giving me giant fits! I didn't want one solid piece, especially since I didn't have anything that was big enough. Now its piece piece piece and make something big enough! Thankfully I effed up some HST and could use those as a center. 

Goal for February: Make a backing big enough that doesn't look a hot mess, and quilt this bitch in time for my meeting! 

Now go see what other people are marking off the list!

A Lovely Year of Finishes

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