Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Even technology gets brain farts

I got on my blogger app to make THIS post and saw the last one didn't go through. That's a wee bit annoying.

I had these on my phone and thought I would share

These are from my rainbow charm swap. I'm still waiting on the neutral and solids swap to come in. I swear, I sent off for that forever ago. I'll make some sort of patchwork rainbow goodie it of it. My poor husband was not excited about that one hehe. His favorite one I've made has been black and white.

This is the face of a Camille as she spray bastes. That stuff is uhhhmazing but it gets all over. I have enough chemicals in my lungs from hair products and smoking, I don't need glue too thankyouverymuch. I like to consider this the spray baste bandit look :)

What do you do that makes you look like a crazy person while crafting?


  1. The bandit pic rocks. I love the pic of your rainbow charms - so much potential!

  2. I hold pins and/or a needle and thread in my mouth, while trying and talk simultaneously. haha! Or, when I'm handstitching in the car or wherever, I'll get all full of clipped threads, then I go somewhere and people will be picking them off of me. ah, crafty crazyness.

    I also did the neutrals/solids swap, but got mine a while ago! do you live someplace far away?