Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First embroidery finish!

I FINALLY finished my embroidery project for the bestie's birthday. So what if it was a good 5 weeks late. I say in the world of handmade gifts that isn't too terribly late :)

It started out as this
Embroidery transferred

Then got to here


I asked her if she wanted a pillow or a wall hanging and she opted for a pillow.

Sugar skull pillow

This was my first time making an envelope closure and I think I rocked it! The front is some Kona I had. It turned out just like I wanted! I was so amazed. My mom helped me pick out threads and she did way better than me. High five for mom! The best compliment was when she took it to work everyone asked if I sell them and if I would make a custom one for them. I don't think I ever would but hearing that my stuff is good enough to sell is such high praise. Made me turn pink just like tequila does.

I'll be linking up to Fabric Tuesday @ Quilt Story because I've never remembered to post on Tuesdays.

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  1. That is awesome! Such a great present :)

  2. awesome. i love the skull, the fabric, the everything. and i totally agree that 5 weeks late is basically on time. my mother was supposed to get a quilt 2 mother's days ago and it still hasn't even been pieced. so yeah, you rock!