Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That time I popped out 2 quilts

I FIIINALLY finished an asshole quilt. It was a pain from the get go. Nothing went right, at all. Well I finally showed that beast what's up!

I think it looks marvelous now! You can't really see it but I used one of DS fabrics from Joann's for the binding. 

The back is a vintage sheet I thrifted ages ago. Its so very soft. Extra snuggly :) 

 Then, in record time, I started AND finished a quilt in less than a week. Gasp and amazement! In all fairness, it was a baby quilt. 

It's Oh Franson's Mixtape quilt pattern. This is definitely one of my favorite patterns ever! I used Backyard Baby from Michael Miller. I bought 1/2 yard of each print and needed a fat eighth. Looks like Little Man is going to get one of these too. It's sashed in Kona Ash and the binding is Kona Orange, maybe Tangerine? The back is a light brown thrifted sheet. This one goes out tomorrow. Hope momma (and soon baby boy) like it :)

I'll be linking up with a few of you lovely linky ladies this week. Go check them all out. There is some seriously good stuff out there.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Word vomit with a few pretty pictures

I have been a busy little beaver. Allegory and I are hosting a swap over on Flickr

Look! I made this
She's definitely the get people roped in type. I'm more of an OOH! LISTS! organizational freak. Either way, I'm hella excited and people should go join pronto!

Proud nerd moment of the week? Making a banner for this silly little corner of blogville. If you are viewing this in a reader, go feed my excitement and ooh and ahh over the simple little lovelies at the top. I've been trying to make one off and on but I couldn't ever get the damn thing to look right. FINALLY! SUCCESS IS MINE! Bwaahahahaha!

One of the great things about only having one kid in a three bedroom house is that you get a whole bedroom all to your sewing self. Granted, its teeny little bedroom but damn is it perfect for sewing. I'm a bit messy when I'm working. A few weeks ago I thought, "I have no shame. I'll share with the world how bad it is"

Here is is before, in all its messy, cell phone picture glory. At least the main part of it. 

Here is the whole thing looking about as neat as its going to look.  Sometimes I just open my cabinet and stare. Maybe run my hands along. Sometimes just organizing is soothing. Weird huh? 

Here is my block for our Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild Challenge. We could use up to 3 solids and were all given the same FQ. The results were amazing! There are some seriously talented women (and now 1 man) in there. For mine, I cut the FQ into stripes and used only it for my block, minus that one teeny piece of yellow. Its the first time I'd done a log cabin style block. I thought it look pretty snazzy.

Here are the threads I picked out for my new embroidery pattern that I designed all by myself. I was inspired by my bestie doing her hair with the ombre effect. I'd like to eventually turn it into a PDF.

Here's what I've got so far. I'll probably turn this one into a pillow as well. It will stay in my sewing room for the sake of the white staying white. Although my dear fluffy kitties knocked over a whole mug of coffee inches from a wall outlet, it may not be safe anywhere. 

I also finished 2 quilts this week, but that will be another day.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The one for Fran

For Fran

I completely forgot to post the final results of this one.
Turned out smaller than I had wanted, but the borders went well so all is good. Finished it up crazy quick because I used the easy thread needles to hide the end threads from quilting. How did I NOT hear about these til now?! I tried them on another quilt and the thread was from Connecting Threads. Lesson learned: not strong enough to get snapped in to those needles. This one was quilted with a heavier weight thread and I had no problems. Not sure if it was the brand difference or the weight difference.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First embroidery finish!

I FINALLY finished my embroidery project for the bestie's birthday. So what if it was a good 5 weeks late. I say in the world of handmade gifts that isn't too terribly late :)

It started out as this
Embroidery transferred

Then got to here


I asked her if she wanted a pillow or a wall hanging and she opted for a pillow.

Sugar skull pillow

This was my first time making an envelope closure and I think I rocked it! The front is some Kona I had. It turned out just like I wanted! I was so amazed. My mom helped me pick out threads and she did way better than me. High five for mom! The best compliment was when she took it to work everyone asked if I sell them and if I would make a custom one for them. I don't think I ever would but hearing that my stuff is good enough to sell is such high praise. Made me turn pink just like tequila does.

I'll be linking up to Fabric Tuesday @ Quilt Story because I've never remembered to post on Tuesdays.

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