Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting my nerd on!

I got in on the for the love of solids swap again this year. WOO! It's a total challenge for me. I was freaking out a bit because I wanted to make something pixel and bold. Why freaking out? Because prints are a weeee bit more forgiving on points not matching. After making one whole thing and thinking it sucked eggs I started a new one. I turned to tetris! I googled tetris love and found this design on some video game website(can't remember where). I used colors my partner liked and went with it. This picture is total shit though.

FLOSS Big item

Its been so windy lately. I wasn't going to risk this blowing away. The back is just 2 big pieces I had left over sewn together.

FLOSS Little items

These are the little items. I just want to toot my own horn a bit and say this was figured out by yours truly. I'd never sewn curves before and I made them my bitch! A couple of girls at work have requested one, but with a bow to make a misses. I bought Chasing Cotton's Curlicue pattern last year. I dove into the closet o' lovelies and came up with this bundle.

Fabric for curlique

Its mostly It's a Hoot, and a little who knows what. I've always take pictures of fabrics together and convert them to black and white. I think it's a pretty good mix. Plus its all stuff I had.

The rainbow charm swap on a blue chair fills up in about .01 seconds. I got in on Sara of Modern Pink Designs. I got pink. Not sure if I'll go stash diving or use it as an excuse to go shopping. Either way, I already know what I'm going to use with all my rainbow goodies. Bwaahahahahaha! *Imagine Monty Burns hands*

Since I seem to always write on Wednesday, I'll be linking up with the other supreme sewing superstars at Freshly Pieced.

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  1. Very cool tetris heart, & I love your PacMan & ghostie