Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I think I've become a swap junkie. I did 2 last year and fell in love. Swaps are perfect because 1 - you get mail that ISN'T a bill and 2 - you have a reason to make goodies :) I sent out my FLOSS ages ago and haven't seen her post anything on the group yet. I reeeeally hope it didn't get lost going across the pond. I signed up for Fab Little Pincushion Swap, Bee a {modern} Swapper, Pretty {little} Pouch Swap Round 4 ,and Rainbow Fabric Charm Swap March 2012. AAAHH!!! It's making me stretch my lazy brain and I love it!

It's done!

This is what I have for my pretty{little} pouch partner. I reeeeally hope she likes it. This girl can sew! I may try to make another one when I go to Saturday sew. Oddly enough, the zipper rocks, its the lining that I'm not completely pleased with.

1st attempt at a zip pouch

I did this right after I signed up for the pouch swap just too see if I could still do zippers. That is made out of a charm square and I kinda love it. These zippers are like quilty crack, except you won't end up like poor Whitney. Too soon?

Then I got sewing ADD. I don't know why I've been so damn flighty and wanting to start 39 different projects.

1st bag

This was the first clutch I made. I showed the girls at work in hopes I could make some to sell. One of the girls is very Jerseylicious. I have the exact opposite in taste. She wanted neon green outside, neon pink inside and some black somewhere. Have I mentioned I hate neons? Anywho, 3 episodes of Supernatural later, I came out with this.

Bag for J

It looks like an effing piece of mail from Blue's Clues. FML. The new one is appliqued zebra sort of. I think it all looks absolute shit, but I said I would do it. My husband said to make things I like and people will either buy it or not. Every now and then a nugget of wisdom pops out.

Bag for B

This one is going better. I still need to figure out how I want to do the band for the top, pop frame or just a snap. Decisions decisions.....

As if I hadn't committed myself to every possible thing under the sun I said I would help out on this.

Made by M

A coworker uses Coke tabs and crochets these amazing bags. This is a teeny tiny one she wants a zipper in. How in the hell am I going to do that?! When I would knit all the time I couldn't ever sew any kind of linings on, let alone ones with zippers. I'm pretty sure I have thread coming out my ears and this point.

I did, however make some time for goodies for me. I busted this out finally.

curlique WIP

Sewing curves is hella cool. I was pinning them all and got sick of it taking so long so I started free styling it with some tweezers and its waaaay faster. I haven't sewn any rows together yet. I'm a little worried none a few seams might not match up. Either way I really dig it :)

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