Thursday, November 10, 2011

Resolving an issue

When working on my Fat Quarterly quilt I bought a jelly roll. A few of the pieces were a bit off the grain. No biggie. I made it work. Besides, I cut the strip lengths all crazy too. I'm 4 rows from being done. I'll post pictures of that soon. Cross my heart and kiss my elbow.

I bought a layer cake of Ruby by Bonnie and Camille. Loooved the colors. Plus it had my name on it. Silly, but whatevs :) I had intended to do this pattern.


It's the project sheet from Little Apples. Love this layout. Then I opened it and that idea went straight out the window.

WTF Moda?!

For the Little Apples layout I need all 42 squares. Ummm, obviously not happening. I did some math and could do the Sugar Pop n Change from Moda Bakeshop. Nope. Can't do that either. Most of the squares weren't a full 10 inches. A bunch were too short by 1/4 an inch.

I contacted the online shop I bought it from, along with emailing United Notion's customer service. With both I included pictures of what I got. I'm really bummed. I don't have much money to spend on fabric and now I've got this big glob of scraps.

Maybe it's a sign I shouldn't start yet ANOTHER project.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I'm linking up over at Amy's Creative Side for Blogger Quilt Festival. There are some really stellar quilters out there! I mean, whoa damn. You guys have skills! Let me share with you my journey getting there.

Well Crap Front

This quilt was an adventure. I found this great bundle of fabric and fell in love with a layout. I added in a few more, bought some solids and away I sewed!


It all started out well and good. A few corners weren't matching up as well as I had planned. I knew this would live on my bed so I wasn't all that concerned.

Well crap

Then this happened. WTF!?! How in the world do you get so off track that you mess up this many rows?! I had 2 options. 1 - unpick the many wrong pieces and try again, or 2 - say well crap and fix what I thought was right in the first place. Path of least resistance you say? I'm sold!

The back didn't go so well either. (Why would it?)

Well Crap Back

There are puckers galore. I got in the zone of doing some quilting (while my little guide thing went all over the place) and didn't bother to look at the back.


I can giggle at it now, but at the time many a bad words were said.

Well crap up close

I love it though. Is it the best, most perfect thing ever? Nope. Does it make me proud to say I pulled through and didn't set it a fire in a fit or rage quit? You betcha.

Well crap finished

Plus, it makes the Hubs, aka quilt holder, look like the Chancellor from Star Wars.

Silly husband