Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A stitchy affair

I haven't been behind the needle so much lately. I've been doing my first big embroidery project and it's zen as all get out, but it doesn't go very quickly.

Sugar skull

Here is what's done so far. I'd say it's actually close to finish. I'm kind of figuring it out as I go, so if there are any huge glaring boo boos, someone please enlighten me.

Pouch in use

This is my pouch from the pouch swap I did a few months back. This thing is the perfect freaking size and shape. That's a 6" hoop, but an 8" would fit too. Can't wait til the next round of that one.

Fran in progress

Here is the top all pieced together. First time I think I've done borders. And here I've put on two! *gasp* This is going to go to my dear aunt that kept my son while I was working. She'd still be keeping him if my uncle's health hadn't gone kaput. It's made it of a layer cake but I effed it up good and proper and didn't take into account how small the pieces would get. The blocks looked like maxi pads with wings. Good times, good times. I like how it turned out, just wish I hadn't wasted so much in the learning process. I've quilted it and just pinned the binding on tonight. I'll take a jillion more pictures when it's all said and done.

Polka dot purse

I also made this little purse. It's from a pattern on etsy, can't remember from who at the moment. I altered it a bit and made the handles one piece instead of using the metal hoops (didn't have any) and it has a magnetic snap instead of a flap going over it. It's canvas with cotton on the inside. I didn't use interfacing because I didn't want to fit with it if I wasn't going to like it. I know what I'll change when I make another one. I have some cute chevron that would look cute, but with a stripe to cover where the pieces meet.


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