Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I was held hostage! By boxes!

So, ummm....hi! I wish I had a really great story about being held captive in Mexico by a swarm of sexy pool boys. Alas, that would be a lie. Shortly after I posted last we closed on our house. We had 2 weeks to pack and move. The Hubs wouldn't let me pack before we closed. Something about being superstitious. *Cough* load of crap *cough* Of course every wall and ceiling in the whole house was a buttery yellow beige. It was like Paula Deen exploded. Except the bathroom. It had to be the ugliest shade of forest green known to man. Home buying has been an adventure to say the least.

Now that we have an extra bedroom I get my own sewing room! It's a teeny bedroom and this time of year stays quite chilly, but damnit its mine! ALL MINE!!


Here is the sewing table with various mugrugs from swaps. The cathedral window is actually a pillow case but its so pretty I kinda don't want anyone to put their butt near it.


Here is what was previously my cupboard. The top row are the fabrics I got put on comic book boards. Seriously, it is amazing! I love the way you can see it all and pull from it like a book in a library. I need a few more packages and I will get them all settled in. Oh, how I love to organize!


Now I can have a design wall. This is just 2 scrap pieces of batting tacked up, but only because I ran out of full pieces. I LOVE having this! It makes layouts so much easier! This is the latest WIP I've got going on. Its a simple pattern I thought up, but I'm sure someone else already has. It comes together super quick and would be great for a first time quilt. This one will end up being a baby quilt. I'm thinking a thin sashing between the blocks, but can't decide what color. The first thing to pop into my head was a dark gray, but that seems too dark for a baby. I think a good polka dot would be great if I could find the right color. I know the back will be a light gray.

Now that the moving and holidays are good and done, I'm hoping to be able to sew more.

Now that she's back for the new year as well, I'll be linking up with the other wonder quilters at Freshly Pieced.