Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saved by the sashing

So I fussed and I fidgeted and finally figured out a way to make this thing look better. I present to you, in all the crappy iphone photo quality, my Ruby quilt top!

saved by the sashing!

I ended up turning the blocks them selves on point thus making it straight patchwork. I made a few more blocks for the ^ parts of the triangles and fashioned the corner pieces. Not a super huge deal, but I was really proud of myself for finding a way to get this to work. (I was channeling my inner Tim Gunn.) I've always hit a rough spot and said to hell with it. I'm taking this as a sign that I'm getting a bit better at this sewing thing. I even know how to make this if you don't want to cut off the corners. All that's left is to pick a backing, quilt and bind :D


Here is what I have so far from the Hunger Games pillow. I think the light yellow is too light. It maybe needs something less yellow and more of a pale gold, possibly use fewer strands. I also found a good dark brown for some of the darker spots. It's all a big trial and error thing. If this turns out complete shit I'll make another one and just outline the parts that overlap.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All sewing and no blogging makes Camille....

So I may win the award for crappiest blogger. I'm relatively ok with that.

I have been a busy little bean though. A part of our new house flooded, I quit smoking, my machine crapped out so I randomly bought a new one, decided that my hate of muffin top is greater than my hate of exercise, and my son is mostly potty trained.

Let's see what I've gotten accomplished on the sewing front.

sewing room

I moved our old kitchen table into the sewing room. It fits my cutting mat AND my machine. (Yes that is my new machine, and no I don't care for pink)

I love that I have this big open table top to quilt on. Of course, it holds so much extra junk now.

whirligig wip

This is a picture of it from when it was all on the wall. It's completely pieced and awaiting quilting now. I haven't decided just what to do yet. May have a go at this free motion I hear so much about.


I forgot to take a picture before this went to its new home so I stole this one off of her facebook. I sashed it with Kona espresso and quilted lines in the sashing.


This is the label I put on the back. They're pretty big trekkies so it only seemed fitting.


This is what's on the wall at the moment. I kinda effed up on this one. I didn't read the pattern right. Turned out I was reading directions for the wrong quilt. I'm thinking maybe white sashing between all of these? Take them apart and turn them on point? I don't know, the whole thing is irritating.


And finally, this is the big item for my Love of Solids Swap. It's a block from Mario. It's still missing the top and bottom rows because I haven't picked a background color. I'm leaning towards green. I'm pretty damn proud of myself because these finish at 1" square. And all the seams are matching up! What up beeeshes!

I'm also in the process of embroidering a Hunger Games pillow for the bestie. I hope to god it comes out right. This is her Christmas present after all.

And since it is Wednesday, I'll link up with the wee lil Lee at Freshly Pieced.