Sunday, March 18, 2012

For the Love of Solids Swap Round 2

Holy hell! I am seriously the luckiest bean in the bag. I got the mail and lo and behold I got the most drool worthy little goodies. The darling Deborah of Little Ms Sew-Unsew nailed it.

My own lil Tardis!


Ok, so here's the dill pickles, I am an uber nerd. I could watch Dr. Who all the time and not grow tired. The fact that this is perfect seamed and the little squares are individually quilted is just flat out amazing. This is my wall o swaps. I need to move one up though. My scrap tub is taking over. Or I could sort those out..... Nah.


This is the mini quilt she sent. It's the perfect size for this wall. I put safety pins in so I can rotate it around. The back is just as beautiful as the front. I loooove the little pop of orange in it. My husband was confused seeing orange and purple together. Bless his heart, he just doesn't get color. Any time any shade of red is next to any shade of green he says it looks like Christmas. >_<

I also got in on the Pretty Little Pouch Swap! So excited! I've been wanting to try pouches so this is the perfect opportunity to kick some zipper ass!

Pretty Little Pouch Swap

Here is my little mosaic. I hope it is enough help to my partner. Really though, I think anything I get will be amazing. I hope what I make is good enough. Does anyone else have that worry that what they make won't make someone else happy?


  1. Every time I make something I have that fear. My crafty bestfriend gets annoyed 'cause I'm constantly saying "do you like this? really? I mean...really?!"

    I love you mosaic. And I'm absolutely completely jealous of the Tardis.

  2. Yes! I, too, always have that fear. I had it from the time I finished the swap items until the moment I saw your flickr comment when you received them. So happy you're happy!

  3. Hey girl,
    We missed you at the meeting! I hope you will be at our next meeting :)

  4. The tardis - I love the tardis!! Does David Tennant live in that tardis? If so, I have to sew one. Like now.