Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keeping the USPS a float

I've been at the post office a lot lately. I sent off charms for 2different swaps, a bee block and pin cushions.

This is what I made for my partner in FLiPS. She said she likes saturated colors Andy when asked about nerd stuff she may like The Big Bang Theory was on there. Being a Sheldon lover, I was inspired to make the Bazinga. It was the first time I've attempted embroidery and been, I think, somewhat successful. I should improve my penmanship.

This is the May block for Stash Bee. Wonky is really hard for me because I'm too organized for it. Even this has a rhythm to it. It was fun though. I want to make a star quilt like this soon so it was good practice.
Other than that, I've been lazy on the sewing front. I've gotten sucked into the best selling smut romance series Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm the type of reader that reads them nonstop until I finish them. The first book took me 2 evenings and a lunch break. I highly suggest them. Your man friend will appreciate it I'm sure.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day!

Lily's Quilts

If this is your first time stopping by, welcome! I'm Camille and I've been at this quilting thing for a year or two now. I sewed clothes a lot many years (and 25 pounds) ago, but quilts don't make you feel bad about your measurements. Kind of like shoe shopping. If I sew any clothes now, it's more alterations. I post when I remember and try to comment on others more. Feel free to follow along

Lily's Quilts

Ok, so it's the second day versus the first but close enough. No late fees in blogging.

Here is what I've finished, worked on and sent off this last month.

1 - this is a stack of fabrics I cut up while working on my own pattern. I'm hoping to turn it into a pattern for sale someday.
2 - this got sent to the lovely Deborah of Little miss sew unsew. She was my swap buddy in for the love of solids and I was HER swap buddy in Bee a {modern} swap. It's a block/ goodie swap off. She also gave me the Leibster award! Everyone I read has already gotten it so when I find someone new I'll pass it out :)
3 - Spectrum Charm Swap - Brights swap. These are actually getting sent out tomorrow. I got yellow and it was so hard to shop for! I'm not a big yellow person, especially bright yellow. I was going to order some online it I think it was all a bit off. Luckily, there was a living social deal for a local quilt shop. It was really hard finding yellow yellows. Most I found (and liked) we yellow orange.
4 - my house block for April in Stash Bee. Stephanie wanted 2 solids but could only get my hands on one in time. I had this cute house print from Connecting Threads. It popped in my head and kind of fit with me. I lived in the big city for years before moving way out here in the boonies.
5 - this was my March block for the Stash Bee. I was running late with this one. Oops! First tree that came to mind was a palm tree. I was dreaming of vacations with sexy cabana boys and drinks with umbrellas.
6 - neutral and solids charm swap. I can't wait to get all these charms back! I think I'll do a warm/ cool project. I had a really great idea for all these, but not sure if it will work out. Time will tell.
7&8 - pretty {little} pouch swap goodies. I had a blast with this swap! Hopefully I can get back in next round.
9 - started and am almost finished with my curlique quilt top. I've actually only got one big row and the small half row left and I'll be done. Curves are really not that scary after all. Once Lynne sells her latest pattern I think I'll get it. I love that design! I think it would work with prints too. Just have to be veeeeery picky with fabric choices.

Now I just have a couple bee blocks to put together and a pin cushion and I'll be caught up. Until I sign up for a bajillion more things.