Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More experience = no older projects

I had the best of intentions, honest. But when I sat down to work on the older projects I just wanted to pull my hair out! Let me back up a bit, and tell you a darling story.

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little quilter just starting out. She didn't quite know what she was doing so off she went, consulting the Google at every turn. A list of supplies, blogs, tutorials to read, and a machine - the girl was all set.

Sadly though, her new crafty love was relegated to a small card table in the corner of her bedroom. On this card table sat the cutting mat and sewing machine. They would doe see doe when one was needed. After a while, the girl was having issues with her projects. No matter how many times she checked and rechecked, her strips weren't straight. She was using all the right tools and holding rulers the right way, but nothing came out straight. The girl even tried sewing with out wine! She persevered and made it work.

Then one day she had a realization, a moment of clarity so painful and obvious it could only compare to stepping on a Lego.

The $&@#^ing table was bowed! The weight of the machine and pressing down on the card table had made the damn thing bow in ever so slightly. Realizing the cause of her cutting despair, the girl moved the mat to the floor and never had a problem again.

Let's just say, the birthday fabric pieces were cut pre realization.

Now what did I do with that bottle opener.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bring it on 2013!

Day one of a new month, new year. Oh, the possibilities are endless! One thing I definitely plan on doing is finishing what I've started.

WIP tubs

See these bins? All various stages of projects. And yes, that's a skirt on top, all wadded up. It was an adorable skirt from goodwill but was about 9 sizes too big. All it needs is the waistband sewn on. I just got tired of looking at it.

Clearing out the old WIP

This is from a bundle of fabric I got for my birthday in 2011! L is a hair stylist too and has a great eye for coordinating fabrics. (I'm thinking she has an inner crafter begging to come out.) The pattern is from a quilt along on Jaybird Quilts. Not sure how this will turn out, or how big, but I'm at least going to finish piecing the strips that have been cut and go from there. I can tell I've learned to plan ahead with fabric amounts. And to starch all fabric within an inch of its life. Especially bias cuts. Wish I'd realized that a looooong time ago.

Speaking of lessons learned, this is what happens when you don't check your stitch setting before sewing. >_<


Thankfully the needle didn't shatter and take out an eye.

These two little lovelies went to a friend's little girls. Craptastic iPhone pictures are the best i got before going home with them.

Zippy pouch for stamps

This was a zip pie pouch destined to hold Hello Kitty stamps and notepad.

Baby doll bassinet

This was a baby doll bassinet. The pattern was found....somewhere. If anyone is interested in it email me and I'll try to find it again. Definitely want to make more of these but change the pattern. Shattered a needle that almost did take an eye out. Thank god for safety goggles aka reading glasses!