Thursday, December 13, 2012

WARNING! NAUGHTY WORDS! and a small giveaway :)

Before I fell off the face of the earth, I had said something about our Sailor Mouth Swap. It was a blast! After the 1st of the year round 2 should start up. I was a nervous wreck sewing for the lovely Sarah of Narcoleptic in a Cupboard. She is just awesome. Love the stuff she makes and her silly wit. I kind of want to steal her cat and love it all day. She's so fluffy! From yours truly she received a pillow cover, a hoop and bag.

SMS - bag 
This bag was a bit of an after thought. I went back and reread her survey and she wanted a bag! There's nothing spectacular or sweary on it. Its just kind  of spiffy. Perfect size! Fits all your junk and an Ipad.
Sailor Mouth Swap - hoop 
Here's the hoop. It was my first hoop ever, so I hope I made it right. This was inspired by a conversation about comfort zone needed for "doing paperwork". It's even been pinned on Pinterest!! That put some pep in my step.
Sailor Mouth Swap - Pillowcase
This was the pillow cover. Hehehe! I tried to make the writing look as swirly girlie as possible
even the envelope is awesome...
 As per most swaps,the envelope was obnoxiously decorated. (Photo from Sarah's flickr.)

I got THE BEST goodies sent to me. Amy of [Amy's] Crafty Shenanigans sent me the coolest stuff. I'm an ass and didn't take pictures of it all perfect and pretty. Now it's all being used and loved so here are the pictures she took when everything was perfect and crisp.

Sailor Mouth Swap FINISHED
Borrowed from Amy's flickr.

LOVE the fabric! One of my favorite prints. And we had just used some for a block for FWMQG. I was so confused as to the pouch though. Whale oil beef hooked? At first I thought it was saucy Jack Speak but instead you say it fast and it sounds like something else. Of course, having a twangy Texan accent so it didn't click right away. Duh!!! Once it did, I almost peed my pants laughing. There was even some heavenly British candies in the pouch. So tasty!

So, the giveaway? I'll pick one comment, assuming there is more than one, and make something from a naughty word of your choice and mail it to you. Won't tell you when or what it is but it will be a swearing surprise :) Hell, I'll even ship it out of good ol "Merica.


  1. Hey - love this post! A nice reminder of how much fun it was to sew for you :) ... and to be naughty!! "Whale oil beef hooked", said very quickly over and over, sounds like "Well I'll be f*cked", which has different meanings but not meaning 'screwed'!! Hilarious that you never got it!!

  2. I was gutted to miss out on the Sailor Mouth Swap. It is too brilliant for words. Every item I have seen from the swap makes me pee my pants laughing. One day, I was in the queue to pay in Marks and Spencers and a SMS item popped into my head and I laughed out loud! I nearly told the woman behind me in the queue what made me laugh but I caught myself in time! phew.

    So... I would f**king love to win this giveaway!