Friday, July 13, 2012

The one for Fran

For Fran

I completely forgot to post the final results of this one.
Turned out smaller than I had wanted, but the borders went well so all is good. Finished it up crazy quick because I used the easy thread needles to hide the end threads from quilting. How did I NOT hear about these til now?! I tried them on another quilt and the thread was from Connecting Threads. Lesson learned: not strong enough to get snapped in to those needles. This one was quilted with a heavier weight thread and I had no problems. Not sure if it was the brand difference or the weight difference.


  1. I still love this one. Makes me wish I'd picked up that whole line.

  2. beautiful quilt, not sure what needles you're talking about but im going to need to investigate!

  3. oh love it! Gorgeous fabric and great pattern :)

  4. I love this quilt! The fabric is so fun and all together it doesn't look like pads haha :)