Monday, December 31, 2012

A year in review - and a winner

Holy smokes! I really didn't think I did Jack Squat all year. There are even a few little goodies that didn't make it in there. High five for me!

Rundown of the year for yours truly: 
- Randomly made purses for myself and others. The urge comes and goes, usually corresponds with exploded pens or spilled drinks.
- Signed up for my first bee, but sadly had to leave due to life getting crazy. That really sucked. I still feel bad about it. 

- Successfully participated in 6 swaps. Got some hella cool stuff from all around the world to boot. 

 - Made baby blankets for 2 different friends and one as a thank you to my aunt for loving my kid. 

- Managed to learn how to embroider and had a blast with it. 

- Started using zippers and quickly fell in love with them all over again 

 - Tried curved piecing and fell madly in love with it. Can't wait to do more of that. 

-FMQ an entire (baby) quilt and didn't throw it in the trash. Larger ones will not be done any time soon. 

Life away from the thread was......ok. Certainly not the best year, but very far from the worst.  Can't wait to see what 2013 brings for everyone.

Also, the winner of the giveaway is  Liz DandelionD. I'll be emailing you shortly for your info :)


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