Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday actually ON a Wednesday

I actually managed to find time in the craziness of today to find time to blog! Suuhweeet!

The house I was lusting after got a bid in and accepted a day before our. I wish them a plague of pubic crabs nothing but the best. I will be optimistic and think that the universe has something better in store. There is one house we looked at today that has lots of potential. It needs a good bit of work on it, but the question would be how much and the cost efficiency of buying and fixing vs getting something in better shape. We shall see...

Ever since I saw the Rectangle Squared pattern on FITF I wanted to make it. This week I got out a FQ set and went to it! I took out most of the pinks and all the animal prints. I think they would be perfect for a baby quilt later on. For me? Not much of a Pink Lady in that sense. More like Frenchie but I didn't drop out of beauty school.

quilt cave

I draped this on my ironing board while I was working on the back. My son promptly crawled under and declared it his cave. Of course I had to allow it. Everything I make he says" OOOO! I like it. You make one for me??" I knew this one would be for me so I wasn't super precise about everything. Ok, maybe not precise at all. You could say this quilt top is half ass chic.


This was the first time I had ever tried spray basting. Shit works! Smells to high heaven and god knows what is stuck to the bottom of my feet, but it was so quick! I think I am sold. The main reason I tried it was because I had every intention of doing the free motion thing. I've never really done it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

free motion front

This was the front. My plans were to do loopy doos in all the gray areas. Though not perfect, I thought it looked pretty nifty.

free motion back WTF!?

WTF!? See those dots? Yea, that is the thread from the top. This is with the tension all the way up. I have tweaked and fiddled with all kinds of stuff on the damn machine and this keeps happening. I want to use 2 color threads! You hear me?!!Looks like I will have to send this off to the machine doctor to find out what is happening. Or I go all Office Space a la copier on it.

Might I just say that free motion is THE hardest stuff to rip out. Lesson learned: free motion quilting is like tattooing your quilts.

The lovely Laura of Needles, Pins and Baking Tins received her goodies! She was the one who got the rainbow mug rug. I was sooooo relieved she liked it.

Since this is actually on the right day, I'll be linking up with the linky ladies at Freshly Pieced. Check 'em out and show some love :)

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  1. My son and daughter do the exact same and think everything I make is for them ;) It is a gorgeous quilt! Have you seen the practice free motion thingy that's started?
    Lucy x

  2. Oh, woman, you crack me up! Remind me to never cross you!! The quilt looks great, not half-assed from here. Your FMQ looks sooo much better than any I've tried!