Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WWP - Wine While Posting

Great googly moogly!

Might I start off with a bit of annoyance at HGTV. After watching House Hunters for years I was led to believe that looking at houses would be fun.

Nope. Not at all.

It's time consuming and frustrating and some people must have no idea their houses stink.

We have been a bit crazy. We have lived a year somewhere and then moved for the last 5 years. It sounds crazy, and it kind of is. In all fairness, there were valid reasons for each move. When looking for a rental its no big deal. Stay there a year or two and something always comes up and we move. Once we buy we are there for a good long while. Not going to lie, kind of freaking out a little. Housing commitment issues?! BUT we drew up papers to put an offer in on a house, our 3rd house to try, so hopefully we hear back soon.

I think my son is also finally getting the last of his teeth in. Or he is a cranky cannibal trying to eat his own hands. See title above.

Amidst this chaos I have finally buckled down and finished two quilts! One is Oh Franson's New Wave and the other is FITF Rectangle Squared.

Rectangle Squared as a tunnel

There it is in all its crinkly glory! Once its not windy I'll take a good picture outside with something other than my phone. Here it is draped across my kitchen chairs to make a tunnel. It's a great size for a toddler bed. Or tunnels/caves/houses/hiding.


This is the fabric I finally went with for the binding. I was going to do a lighter gray Kona but I stumbled across this in my stash. It has all the colors and a few extras. Its wobbly as all get out on the back. I don't know what is going on that I can NOT get a straight machine binding. Well, I know part of the reason...

the fuzz!

I took apart the feed dog/bobbin area of my machine. This is what came out. I swear it wasn't that long ago that I did that! It was so bad under the plate around the feed dogs. I think that is why I've been having so many issues with it pulling to one side. Maybe now I can free motion quilt with out all the asshattery.

Tomorrow is the first time I'll be going to a quilt guild meeting! Ft Worth Modern Quilt Guild is super new. There's been one in Dallas for a bit, but that's too far for me to drive. The Ft Worth one meets about 3 miles from my mom's house and is much easier to get to. I stumbled across a Sewing Saturday while I was on vacation. Saw a girl with the logo on her shirt so I asked her about it. I'm kind of nervous. Do I bring something?? What goes on? Does everyone bring a show and tell??

Since it is Wednesday, I will link up with the ever sweet Lee of Freshly Pieced. Show some comment love on the lovelies being made :)


  1. Loooooove your rectangle squared quilt! It's stunning!

  2. Thanks For Sharing Good information about Wine While Posting

  3. Hopefully it'll be third time lucky! finger's crossed.
    Those teeth are terrible aren't they - my daughter's getting her back ones through and it is NO fun at our house!
    I'm planning on cleaning my machine later so I should have some shocking pics to show tomorrow!! eeekkkkk

  4. That binding is perfect, it looks fantastic!

  5. Awesome quilt! We should start a wine while posting link party! That's a lotta lint, hope your machine works better now that it's out!! House hunting is a chore, I must have looked at like 60 houses before setting on mine, lol! Hope all goes well with your offer :D

  6. Hey--I'm one of your followers and HEY! I used to live near Fort Worth in another life (like about 25 years ago). Actually we lived in the very corner of Arlington, a hop, skip and a jump from Ft. Worth. Is Joe T. Garcia's still there? Good memories made while eating their food.

    Loved this post--yep, househunting is a nervous-making pain. It's been ages since I've done it, but it's like gather up a stack of listing pages, head out with the realtor, bite your fingernails off waiting to see if they like your offer. And yes--it really gives you a bird's-eye view into how some people keep their houses (and makes you feel better about your own). Good luck!

    Love the quilt--love that it's also good for a tunnel :) so sweet.

    Elizabeth E.