Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stupid camera is stupid

I LOVE to take pictures. Before I started quilting I had really wanted to get into photography. Once upon a time I wanted to be a photojournalist and travel the world. Now? Not so much. But my love of taking and editing pictures remains. Small problems though. 1 - my camera crapped out on me and 2 - so did my photoshop.

I am lazy as a cat when it comes to uploading. I try to break out my real camera when it comes to my finishes because they are worth the extra effort. (Not that its THAT much effort, I'm just THAT lazy.) For whatever reason all my pictures kept coming out soft. I finally reset the stupid thing and it shoots much better. Did I mention I did this AFTER I had already begged and pleaded with my husband to hold these? I love the natural light outside but my neighbors already think we are weird.

With out further ado, and decent pictures, I give you my recent finishes!

New Wave Front

Rectangle Squared Front

Rectangle Squared Back

My label :)

This is the first quilt I have labeled. I was going to put it on before the quilting, but something shiny distracted me. I used some heat n bond and then hand sewed around the edges. Not sure if that's the way to do it, but I think it looks quite spiffy. What's that you hear? Me tooting my own horn? Ya daaaaaaaaamn right.


  1. Oh, they're beautiful! I esp like the stained glass looking one (what are they called again?)!

  2. hahaha. I was out photographing fabric pumpkins in the rain, in my front yard, just 10 feet away from a quite busy road, on my lunch break. I was like "these people must think I'm psychotic" but I didn't care, my house is a nightmare for photography. I love it, but if I could go back in time I would add "good natural lighting" to my lists of MUSTS when house hunting, haha. Anyways, beautiful quilts, I think that method of labeling is as good as any! I agree with cindy, while the tumbler one is stunning, the stained glass one is my fav. yay for finishes!!

  3. I really like these!! You've been busy! :)

  4. oh, and I'm super lazy too... I'm trying to not be so much. But I definitely take the lazy way out when it comes to MANY things! Especially ironing! (but only when it's for me. I try to do a better job for others). :)