Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stress is stressful!

Life has been a bit nuts in these parts. Our vacation was wonderful! The Hubs wanted to go to the beach so bad. He bought a pair of rubber dish gloves, cut off one of the fingers and taped it over the bum pinkie. It looked crazy but no sand got in it. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Potty training has been put on hold. My son would pee everywhere and try to mop it up with couch cushions or hold it for hours until nap time. Once that diaper went on, Niagra Falls of pee. I know he could do it, but the little bugger just loves those diapers. Grrr..... In a few weeks we will go at it again and see if he is ok with this whole potty thing.

Another reason I fell off the face of the earth? House hunting. That is so stressful! We are in the beginning stages. We are trying to put an offer in on a house but we will see. I'm trying to not get my hopes up about it in case it falls through. Better to be excited than disappointed.

On to non stressful grown up woes, SWAP GOODIES!

Partner 1

This is going out to partner 1. I won't say who just yet because it is in the process of making it across the ocean. Hopefully she likes it.

Partner 2

This is for partner 2. One of my partners crapped out so I got a new one. I wasn't too surprised to hear since she signed up and then vanished. My new partner is awesome! Totally vocal and an absolute doll. I hope she likes this. She is an incredible crafter so I'm self conscious as all get out.

Goodie Swap partner #1

This came in the mail for me this week. Jennifer of Knotted Thread was my goodie maker. Thank God it wasn't breakable because that poor package had been through the ringer. What they were doing in the post office, I do not know. I love the little hexie card to go with it. SO cute!

Goodie Swap partner 1

This was what was inside! The mug rug is actually hanging above my sewing table. Too cute to use. The pin cushion hasn't been commandeered by Little Man yet. (He thinks cute pin cushions are baby pillows.) It's so pretty I feel kinda bad sticking pins in it. Is that weird?

I had thought about starting a swap. I was thinking fall/winter potholders. Since the holidays are coming up and all good holidays are full of food what better item than potholders! I'm kinda tiny in the blogoshpere, but if anyone would be interested I'll get the ball rolling. My main worry is that I would start this and only 5 people sign up. Kind of like throwing a big party and inviting a ton of people only to have your mom and the creepy neighbor show up.


  1. go my goodness! i'm glad it all made it there safely, guess from now on it'l be boxes all the way!! haha glad you like them :)

  2. Love the things you made for the swap! You'll have some happy partners, I'm sure! I really like that orange binding. Good luck on the house-hunt. That is muy stressful! I'd totally be on board for a potholder swap if you get one going. I'll try not to be the creepy neighbor...

  3. omfg, i loved this post. you are funny and i like that! a)your swap goodies looked beautiful, b)i totally don't think its weird to not wanna stab something that looks so darn pretty and took some creative effort to make and c)I throw a few back with my mom and creepy neighbor all the time, lol. Let's do this! If I'm not following already, I will be :D