Thursday, October 27, 2011

When do I start packing?

Our offer was accepted, we got it inspected and we're on our way with all the other mortgage paper work crap! Woop woop! After signing so many papers I was starting to spell my name wrong. Hubs dared me to put a smiley face in with it. A tiny one is on the bottom of a page about hazard insurance.

Meow what?! (Just a little Super Trooper humor)

Do I have good pictures of things I've finished? Nope. Some stupid battlefield game came out and my husband's inner 13 yr old boy played that non stop. 0_o I've become a Playstation widow.

I am also an official member of the Ft Worth Modern Quilt Guild! It was a pretty small group. I actually got up for show and tell. I can talk to people all day but when I get in front of a group? Fear strikes! I didn't go with the intent of show and tell. I had a finished quilt with me because I knew I would need to do this.

Sun block

All the ladies were super nice and I didn't throw up on my shoes, so I consider it a success.

I also went to a Halloween party last weekend. I go out about once a year and party pretty hard. I don't know how people do that every weekend. I'm getting too old for that crap.

Rollin with my gnomies!

I wasn't super drunk here, I just blinked. I had to make the hat and the sign. The sign was printed out and taped to the cardboard that comes in the bottom of a bottled water case. The dowel is left over from the ghetto clothes wrack I used a few months back. The hat came together pretty quick. If anyone is interested, email me and I'll tell you how I did it. All in all, I thought it pretty darn cute. I'll wear it again on Halloween at work.

After finishing 2 projects I started 2 new ones. A whirligig and another fat quarterly one.

whirligig template

Here is the template I made so I could plan it out instead of hit or miss with fabrics. I some how miss calculated and need something to go around the edges. I'm not sure if I should cut more out of the fabric I'm using or try to do a border.

whirligig pieces

I had pulled a whole different set of fabrics. After reading the Art of Choosing I changed my mind and am MUCH happier with this set. Its some Darjeeling, I think a Tula Pink, Alexander Miller, a couple of Joann's prints, and I have no idea what the others are. (I don't keep track of all of that. I only remember those because it was printed on the selvage)

Terrain layout

I bought a jelly roll of Terrain from Missouri Quilt Co deal a day. I'd never bought one and I am in LOVE with this line. Especially the purples. Honestly, I'm not diggin the jelly roll. I love that you get the whole line, but it felt like I had a lot of issues with it not being cut with the grain.

I will admit I jacked this up hard core when cutting strip length. I think because I tried to cut too many together at once. All the finished blocks are supposed to be 6.5" square. I went back and trimmed them all down to 6.25" squares. Each block with be sashed in white. Immediately after looking at this picture I switched around a few blocks. Standing back and taking a picture helps me so much. Maybe the change of perspective?

Wow, this seems really wordy. Thanks for listening? reading my rambling. Word vomit is good for the soul :)


  1. Do I look like a cat to you, boy? Congratulations on the house! Stressful and annoying, but exciting too! Your quilt looks great so far. And the drawing looks like it will be awesome, too. I'm not in love with the jelly rolls, either. I thought it would be fun and convenient, but the one I bought is still sitting on the shelf.

  2. Meow, I'm gonna have to give you a ticket on this one. No buts meow. It's the law.

    Love that movie. cute costume! Also like the quilts, and I so wanna do a pinwheel quilt, they look so fun.

    Boys and their video games... I share an office with a 24 year old boy coworker and he actually took off a whole week from work to "hang out, do nothing." While he was gone I found out the newest World of Warcraft had come out and I had a grand ole time teasing the crap out of him when he returned.

  3. Congratulations on the house! I love that costume- boy do I need a night out!! I've forgotten what that is!
    The terrain quilt looks like it will be gorgeous - good to know about the jelly roll too, I've never used one but I just ordered some Terrain charm packs!

  4. omigosh i forgot to mention the house, lol. Congratulations! Way exciting :D

  5. you are funny! I love your costume!! :) and I can't wait to see how your quilt comes together! I love that pattern! :)