Thursday, June 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Does it still count at midnight? I'd like to think so.

I got 2 quilts quilted and binded this week. The Well Crap quilt and the gift quilt. I'm kinda mad because the gift quilt had a boo boo in it. I bought the no baste batting. When I sandwiched it all together and ironed it made a weird spot on one corner. The stuff was utter crap in that I spent time ironing it and it STILL didn't stick together. So I washed it in hopes that it would come out and it didn't! I feel embarrassed giving something away that has a weird spot on it. Its all done so I don't think I could applique some extra spots on. The Hubs said he couldn't notice, but to me it was glaringly obvious.

Am I the only one going nuts waiting for the QAL? I hope not. I started another project today to tide me over til it starts. I have a firm belief in not having too many projects at once. The Bestie got me some wonderful fat quarters for my birthday and I decided to make some twisty hexagon blocks like these.
Image from whynotsew? via flickr

I have declared Bestie as my color consultant. She knows nothing at all about quilting or sewing and she found me an amazing mix of fabrics. I added in a few from my stash and a nice off white.


I have an extra day off this week. Little Man will be going to the sitters so I can spend a whole day sewing. Lucky lady is me! Wooo!

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  1. Hello Camille, thanks for dropping by my blog. Love your 'twisty' - the colour combinations are great. You know, we always pick out any imperfections in our quilts, mostly other don't see them.
    I try not to have too many projects going at one time too but it doesn't always pan out that way!

  2. Looks like Bestie done good! Hire her quickly! Your twistie hexies are very cute!

  3. Sure do love those twisty blocks!

  4. Those twisty blocks are very nice, I need to put them on my list to do too.

  5. I love the twistie blocks,and the colors. sometimes it is best to ask color advice from non quilter.. sometimes we can get to matchy-matchy.