Thursday, June 16, 2011

Go go go! Sew sew sew!

After much fighting and a sore neck, I got the Well Crap quilt quilted! This is the first time I've used the guide stick thing on my walking foot and the damn thing kept moving. It goes with the theme of the whole thing. Which is cool, no one is going to look that closely at the width of the stitches.

All that is left is the binding. I do it all with my machine. I'm guessing I'm one of these weirdos that likes binding. I dislike the quilting process though. I think it's because my machine isn't all that great along with me having to do it at the kitchen table. One day I will have a sewing room and I will be it's master! BWAAHAHAHAA! That's right, evil laughing and quilting.

During naptime the top of this got all pieced. Lesson learned: put cutting mat on the ground or kitchen table. All of my strips were bowed and I didn't realize it until I was piecing things. I was suuuuper careful and even use no skid buttons on my ruler. After a little experiment I discovered that my little sewing table is bowed in the middle. O_o The backing is taped to my floor awaiting the sandwiching process. That was when naptime was up, go figure. I may have see if Memaw wouldn't mind a visitor for an hour.

I've FINALLY decided on the next quilt to attempt. After seeing Urban Patchwork's tutorial I looked through some different designs and I think I've got an idea of what I want. After I finish one of these quilts I'll start it. I think that will be the push for me to make binding.


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