Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I think I'm addicted to online shopping.

There's something so wonderful about shopping that doesn't require me to leave the house. No make up, no bra, and hobo hair is my day at home style. My child doesn't scare easily.

Both of my fabric orders came in along with a trip to Joann's. My bestie has decided that she wants to start knitting. It's only fair that I get some goodies while there, plus I had coupons. Coupons + sales + bestie = awesome overdose.

There is one order I got in.

There's another. Most of it is just stash building, but a few prints I have plans for.

I thought these were beautiful prints. I love the colors and designs. Unfortunately, I didn't read well and it shows up with glitter. I avoid glitter. Glitter is the herpes of the craft world. Either the glitter will hold strong or I will have to wash this fabric until it all disappears. I can only imagine The Hubs going to work his manly man job covered in glitter.

At first I couldn't understand the big hubub in blogland over this stuff. I like some of her prints but I couldn't understand the big to do over these. The darker blue shade in this line didn't speak to me. The more geometric ones I thought were ok. Then I started seeing projects pop up with them and thought what the hell and got some. I want the dots in the blue colorway but no one ever seems to have it. I love the shades of green she uses too. The cherry blossoms are a different designer but I would probably wall paper my bathroom with that if I could.

Best. Buy. EVER! I love gnomes and this panel was WONDERFUL! I'm thinking about making a these the center of blocks or possibly applique them onto quilt backs. Maybe some kitchen curtains? Oh how I want to put them everywhere. I want to chill with my gnomeys in ever room of the house. Maybe if I hide Hubs glasses he wouldn't mind.

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  1. Totally know what you mean about the glitter... yech. And I love the online shopping too! Especially for fabric :)