Sunday, June 5, 2011

Folding frenzy!

The Hubs and I are trying to get this grown up thing going and plan out our futures a little. I'll be 27 in a few weeks and he will be 30 this fall. I've felt old forever due to my pops and creaks, and choices for hobbies. I guess 30 is the whoa damn! age for me. I suppose I feel like we need to take direction and set goals. We went out withe Little Man and looked around town at a few houses. We saw a couple that were really great but we need to see what all this home buying entails. Plus we need to do the whole credit check stuff. We even drove around through what I call McMansions. They are beautiful houses, but I can't imagine having to heat/cool/clean that thing.

This last week I put in 2 online orders. One with The Fat Quarterly, which is sadly going out of business, and one with Clearance fabric + coupons = happy happy fun dance! They can't get here soon enough! I think I might have bought some fabric that will go well with the Quilt Along.

Print selection

I got rid of the light gray and blue zigzags. Upon further review I wasn't feeling it. Too bland and subdued. I added in a new yellow print that fits perfectly, but the bright blue print and the stripe on the left are maybe not quite right. I haven't decided on those. I figure once I get my online orders in I can make the final selection. Cutting doesn't start til the 23rd thank GOD!

My neatly folded stash

Instead of sewing today I decided that I would fold and organize my stash. I realized that it was all higgly piggly and it was too hard to see and get to. I feel much better now. I will post a tutorial on how I folded and organized mine later. I'm trying to not let it get away from me and buy buy buy so I have dedicated this one shelf on my book case to hold all my fabric goodies. Well, my new goodies. My scraps, batting and housecoats/vintage sheets, sheets for backing aren't on there. Those will take a few more hours to do I'm sure.


  1. Your fabric shelf organization looks great. I'm doing the kaleidoscope quilt along too, but I have no idea what direction to go with fabrics. I'll be selecting from my stash, but its nowhere near as organized as yours!

  2. I'm making my kaleidoscope quilt for my son and wanted something not too little kidish. I happened to have all those in my stash already. Except a couple. Like I really needed an excuse to shop.

    I'm one of those nuts that loves organizing, especially folding things. Once I figured out a good way of doing it, it went really well. Check back later this week for my tutorial on how I did it.

  3. Love your fabrics, I really like the brighter blue I think it goes well with the bright blue with dark circles. I did the clearance thing too!! Love a good deal!