Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well hello, we meet again.

Good lord, the last time I posted on this thing was July?? Wow. Quick recap of real life events.

- August was my last month of working for someone else. Trying to get all my ducks in a row so I could try and keep a clientele was hard. Me and the bestie share a small suite in a salon now. It's kind of like having a dorm except neither of us went off to university. It's a much happier atmosphere, I work with all my friends and the hours are more forgiving. One of my coworkers is amazing in that she used to teach quilting classes! She is a fountain of knowledge for me. I love the hell out of her. Sadly, the move means no more sit and sew with quilt guild girls.

- My son has started school. He's in the 3 yr old class even though he turned 4in November. We had to switch programs because he had a terrible teacher at his first one. This is the first week at the new school and so far he loves it. It was my first choice for school but they didn't have an opening until now. Perfect timing really. It's hard seeing him get so big. It only speeds up from here.

- I've decided that the plumpy was getting too bad and went on a bit of a diet. Cutting back a lot on carbs/sugars. The first week I was a bitch, plain and simple. My blood sugar went all crazy but now I've adjusted to it. It's nothing extreme, but definitely a necessity. Getting closer to 30 is making me more observant to my bad habits.

-Late October my dad died. He wasn't a good father by any stretch of the imagination. We hadn't spoken in 7 years. Now its a super fun legal go round with everything because there was no will and I have a lazy older brother. Blarg.

I say all of this to say, life got in the way of fun stuff for me. Other than estate stuff everything is going along swimmingly. I have been busy sewing and swapping though. I want to get back into the bloggy goodness. In the mean time, I've discovered instagram. I'm sosaysthehermit if you want to follow along.

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  1. Must get an ipad so I can follow. :) Welcome back!