Sunday, September 4, 2011

Working out is justly named

Majority of my coworkers have decided to go to the gym. There's a nice new city rec center that is really affordable and doesn't require contracts. I don't live in the city. Which works out peachy since I'm a neurotic weirdo and am freaked out by exercising around other people. I know no one is staring, but I feel like everyone is gawking at my jiggly bum. Maybe not everyone. Just the perfect toned bodies of 20 year olds that haven't had kids. Tonight I kicked my own ass and did some YouTube work out videos. I found an awesome girl named Cassie that has a ton of neat Pilates workouts. Search for username blogilates. She's super upbeat and has some good background music. The Hubs is quite surprised that I resorted to YouTube. I kind of hate that site. Ok, I love the educational aspect of it. If I get horribly stumped on something sewing or cooking related I will watch a video. I don't like how a good majority of stuff in there is total crap, or how so many people use it to be mean. Plus every other person wants to be famous for something. I'll pass, thank you very much.

Before my sudden urge for fitness, I FINALLY finished my love of solids swap project! The original was pissing me off to the highest level of pisstivity so I made a new one. The dimensions are much smaller, but I think it will work well still. I'm thinking about sending along a lot of the left over solids, as a "sorry if you don't like this take some nice Kona solids so you don't think it a total bust" kind of way. Once it's sent out next week I'll share all the finished pictures.

I also went a little nutty at Joann's this morning. They FINALLY had some of the DS collection in. There was even some new fabrics I hadn't seen before. I got a crap ton of the blue and green dots. I also loaded up on Kona white since I know I'll use it up on the Bowtie Swap I signed up for. (Those are after the goodie swap.) The bow tie blocks will be a lot easier since you use whatever you want, mail em out and get the same number back. It's on flickr if anyone is interested.


  1. I think pisstivity might be my new favorite word...

  2. Agree with Toni, especially since I'm grading a stack of essays today. Need I say more?

    I laughed when I read your blurb on exercising along with others. It's so me. I even hate exercising in front of my husband. I always took the back row -- against the wall -- when I did Jazzercize. I'll have to try that YouTube site--thanks for the info.

    Elizabeth E.