Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello Wednesday, we meet again.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, sewing is kinda kicking my ass.

My love of solids swap is coming to a close. The big item has been one challenge right after the other. Its not that its a hard project, but I went at it with out a pattern. Why oh why did I think that was a good idea?! It started out waaaaay to big. Solution? Cut it down. After quilting the outside and, I thought, squaring it up and sewing it together it is no where near the same size as the inside. How.does.that.happen.

Side peak

This is a small view of the outside. I don't want to show too much in case I burn it in a fit of rage change my mind at the last minute.


This was easy. A little TOO easy. I'm wondering what went wrong with it. Hmmm...

Little Item

The small item is done and has been done for a while now. It was the 2nd made because the 1st one had a small case of the fugly.

My Goodie Swap members were assigned! One person has done zilch as far as introduce herself, likes mosaic, anything! The other one has limited amounts of stalkworthy stuff. I've picked out fabrics based on the colors Miss No Info gave on her survey so that's an extra challenge. I think the fabrics are cute, but now to decide what to do with them. Hmmmmm...... Nothing has spoken to me for my second one just yet, but she is active in the group, so we shall see. All the active ladies in the group make me giggle. I have no idea what a cuppa is or half the other little funny things they say. Being American, shouldn't that be in my brain, somewhere deep in the back? I know Europe is where the history comes from, according to Eddie Izzard hehe.

Remember half square triangle madness? Oh, its worse. Much worse.

hst madness!

See that stack on the left? Those still need to be paired with solids. Along with being sewn, cut apart, pressed, and trimmed. Christmas after next is looking a lot more likely as time goes on.And yes, that is Dopey. He is the patron saint of my sewing adventures. Seemed only fitting :)

Best joyful thing this week? VACATION!! Hubs will be turning 30 next month and we randomly decided to go to the coast for a few days! I'll be loading up on SPF 900. I work next door to a tanning salon and the leathery chests of 20 year olds has frightened me beyond anything else. Plus I don't want to buy new makeup. We've never been on a real vacation together. When we were planning our Honeymoon to England we found out I was pregnant. As in, were about to book flights and had gotten our paper work to start passports planning. I'm glad we didn't spend all that money on a trip. This time however, fruity drinks and sandcastles! EEEE!

As per usual, I'm linking up with other sweetheart sewers at Lee's Freshly Pieced. Go check them out, there are some super cute projects going on in blogland :)

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  1. You're crackin' me up! Cuppa = cup of tea. Whew. We should have put up a discussions thread on lingo surrounding the mugs/cups our mug rugs would be used for.

    Are you still stuck on inspiration from your partners? Email me and let me know which one and I'll give a gentle nudge. You're not the only one...