Friday, September 9, 2011

Work in progess Friday doesn't sound as cool.

Some how Wednesday came and went with out me even posting. The Hubs is working crazy tons before we go on vacation. Partly for more money, partly because his job is so short staffed. His job is like mine in that you get paid per what you do, not hourly or salary. Blessing and a curse.

Goodie swap mug rug

Here is one of my mug rugs for the Goodie Swap. I thought it was too small so I made 2. I finished them up and put the binding on today. (I haven't taken a picture just yet.) I haven't quite figured out what to make for the goodie. Maybe a pin cushion? I thought about trying out a wallet.


I got this fabric for wallets. I have an idea in my head of how I want it to look. The brain to hand road is a bit bumpy in these parts. I may look around at some tutorials and blend them together.

I sent off my Love of Solids swap package! I won't post the finished pictures until I know its been received.


I came back to the New Wave for my mom. It took stepping away for about a month for me to want to work on it again. I sewed the rows all together today and even basted it.


This is supposed to be iron basting. Last time I thought just the ironing would work it ended up a hot mess. This time I said eff it and pinned the damn thing. Since I'm doing simple echo quilting it wasn't a pain trying to find where they wouldn't get in the way. I hear so much good stuff about the spray basting, but I see that ending with a sticky, sticky house. My basting area is also my son's play area. I shudder to think of how gross that could end up.


  1. The mug rug looks cute! And I think a wallet sounds like a great goodie, as long as you are my partner...

  2. I too am struggling with actually making the goodie. I have the moon and stars in my mind, but am having a hard time actually stitching. Maybe tomorrow....

  3. Seriously, try the spray baste it is amazing! No eff words, I promise. Love the mug rug!

  4. I HATE that bloody basting bit!! Seriously detest it. But at least you've got a gorgeous quilt to look at while you're doing it, eh? I've always fancied that new wave pattern, never gotten round to it. You make me want to get me finger out and give it a go.