Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday is here again!

Let me just say, that despite not always having a picture for MofJ 365, I always think about the day and what has made me happy. Usually its right before bed.

For the last week it has been the following:
- A sweet Roman Solider hat made out of felt. I love silly kid hats.
- Chairs for sitting in. The back to school crowd was the worst ever this year. Everyone was terribly grumpy.
- Cream cheese cinnamon rolls 4/$1. Yes, I was eating my feelings. Those feeling sure did taste delicious :)
- Cuddling with my sweet Little Man
- The Hubs for putting up with my craziness and supporting my craftiness.
- Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Lattes. Seriously folks, best way to start the day.
- My friend Jake for stopping by while home from Austin. He is the shiz and brought me tasty fancy beer.
- Today we found out a wonderful friend of ours is expecting her first baby! I'm so excited! I can't wait to make them all kinds of sewed goodies!

Now for the sewing!

How does this happen?!

After fighting with the bottom seam on the lining, I realized i put it in on the wrong side. I was FURIOUS! After a long string of swear words, I took the pocket out and put in a new one, right side up. Now I need to quilt and piece the outside, make a strap and I'm good to go.


I also have a gajillion of these. 3.5" half square triangles. Everything has been from my stash. This is my in between project. I work on this when I'm pissed at a different project have downtime. I'm hoping this will be good to go by Christmas or the following March. I'm thinking March...


Something got finished! I even finished the binding by hand. It looks so nice, but man oh man was it annoying to do. The thread kept knotting up on this one and it was only because of it that I went the hand sewn route. It made me really sleepy working on it. Is that normal??

As per usual, I'm linking up with other sewing extraordinaire at Freshly Pieced.


  1. Great to be done your quilt and those hsts look like they will turn into something fun.

  2. Your HSTs look like they're going to be a fun quilt. I'm not sure I have the patience for one of those. I was almost falling asleep putting the binding on my quilt this weekend, so I guess maybe it is normal...or else we're just really tired.

  3. Camille, I'm a little show on my WIP comments this week, but so glad I persevered to read your blog. And read, and read. So fun to get your take on things (and yes, depression is the pits--hang in there and keep doing what you need to do to feel good). What I was going to add to that post, was while it's sad to you that you "missed" out on the pregnancy/etc. as an ancient old grandmother person, there is lots to life that you won't miss out on. It's all ahead of you and you'll find so many treasures. Okay, back to the quilty things:

    HSTs. I'm impressed. I'm only make them when I have to, and try to get around quilts that have them. It's fun to see your other projects take shape. I'll be back!!

    Elizabeth E.