Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saved by the sashing

So I fussed and I fidgeted and finally figured out a way to make this thing look better. I present to you, in all the crappy iphone photo quality, my Ruby quilt top!

saved by the sashing!

I ended up turning the blocks them selves on point thus making it straight patchwork. I made a few more blocks for the ^ parts of the triangles and fashioned the corner pieces. Not a super huge deal, but I was really proud of myself for finding a way to get this to work. (I was channeling my inner Tim Gunn.) I've always hit a rough spot and said to hell with it. I'm taking this as a sign that I'm getting a bit better at this sewing thing. I even know how to make this if you don't want to cut off the corners. All that's left is to pick a backing, quilt and bind :D


Here is what I have so far from the Hunger Games pillow. I think the light yellow is too light. It maybe needs something less yellow and more of a pale gold, possibly use fewer strands. I also found a good dark brown for some of the darker spots. It's all a big trial and error thing. If this turns out complete shit I'll make another one and just outline the parts that overlap.


  1. Your Ruby quilt looks awesome! I really like that thin sashing. Enjoying the new house?

  2. Hey girl, found you through the guild's blog! The sashing looks great, it's always nice to make it work when you thought all hope was lost! haha! See ya next month!

  3. I love the hunger games pillow! Do you do any paper piecing? I came across a paper pieced pattern for this the other day -- I'm not sure if I have the guts to try something so complex though!!