Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well hello there, I didn't see you. Come on in!

I read blogs constantly so why not document my adventures in sewing with out blowing up my sewing machine.

A little about myself seems only normal. My name is Camille. I'm a 20someodd mother to one monster, Little Man. I'm married to Hubs, who is supportive of my sewing and whose opinions of fabrics or patterns always catch me off guard. I love him for it. I've been a hair stylist for 8 years yet despise doing my own hair.

What got me into this sewing thing? My grandma. She would go to quilt circle and take me with her. It always looked fun and she would give me a needle and thread and whatever weird scraps she had, and let me make whatever I wanted. Usually I made weird blobs of God knows what, but she loved them. The only thing I have of hers now is a 30 year old baby blanket. It was made for my older brother, then passed to me, and finally to my son. Its in perfect condition all this time later. I can only hope I can make something so loved by others.

I'm a cheap ass frugal with my sewing. I love love quilt shops and designer fabric, but I only shop them on clearance sales. I get most of my stuff from Joann's and Hobbylobby and I think there is nothing wrong with them. Coupons = true love. However, if twenties start sprouting from my butt I will buy nothing but Moda and Robert Kaufman.

Pictures of the process will be on here, along with all my screw ups and WTF sewing moments. Yes, pinot grigio and machinery don't mix well, but damn is it fun sometimes :)

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  1. the price of fabric is getting higher & higher. I love shopping at FatQuarter Shop online but I have to stick with the SALE stuff. Hey- it still gets me fabric!