Thursday, November 10, 2011

Resolving an issue

When working on my Fat Quarterly quilt I bought a jelly roll. A few of the pieces were a bit off the grain. No biggie. I made it work. Besides, I cut the strip lengths all crazy too. I'm 4 rows from being done. I'll post pictures of that soon. Cross my heart and kiss my elbow.

I bought a layer cake of Ruby by Bonnie and Camille. Loooved the colors. Plus it had my name on it. Silly, but whatevs :) I had intended to do this pattern.


It's the project sheet from Little Apples. Love this layout. Then I opened it and that idea went straight out the window.

WTF Moda?!

For the Little Apples layout I need all 42 squares. Ummm, obviously not happening. I did some math and could do the Sugar Pop n Change from Moda Bakeshop. Nope. Can't do that either. Most of the squares weren't a full 10 inches. A bunch were too short by 1/4 an inch.

I contacted the online shop I bought it from, along with emailing United Notion's customer service. With both I included pictures of what I got. I'm really bummed. I don't have much money to spend on fabric and now I've got this big glob of scraps.

Maybe it's a sign I shouldn't start yet ANOTHER project.


  1. Oh! Total bummer...hope the shop or moda gets it done for you :(

  2. Wow.. that really stinks! I would never expect to open up a package of precuts & find them like this!

  3. oh NO! That is awful!!! I would be so bummed. I'm so sorry! I do really like the layout you have though! :) Hopefully they will replace it and let you keep that one! crossing my fingers for you.

  4. Okay--questions here. Are you the type that has to have all your grainlines line up with your pattern? If so, continue on with what you're doing--contacting Moda, etc.

    Otherwise (and this is what I'd do), I would steam that sucker back into a 10" square shape, cut it and be on my way. I took a class from a big name quilter one year and was working on plaids. She saw how we were all fretting about grainlines and design of the plaid and finally pulled us all together and said, "Some lines can be off-grain. It gives the quilt more energy!" I told this to a friend and she wanted to see the quilt. I knew where all the multiple skitty-wampus lines were and she could only find one of them. And only after studying the quilt.

    As far as the shrinkage in size goes, that's a horse of a whole other color. Can you make it work? I hate to give up on cutting out a quilt, especially when I have that get-up-and-go feeling about diving into it.

    Since Moda is pushing these pre-cuts pretty hard, I do think it good that you informed them of the troubles. I have a few precuts in my closet (first time I've purchased them, frankly) and you can bet after reading your post, I'm pulling them all out and checking them. Thanks for the warning, and caution.

    Elizabeth E.

  5. Well that's a pain in the ass, isn't it? Good luck! The designs you picked are great if you could make it work.

  6. Thinking of you this New Year's Day--hoping all is well.

    Elizabeth e.