Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Another Wednesday has come along,you know what that means!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

There are some beautiful projects going on this week! I love seeing what everyone is up to.

The quilting has started on the Kaleidoscope quilt. I do all my quilting on my kitchen table since its the only place I have big enough to do it. I had to alter my set up because the stupid thing kept sliding around.

I finally have decided what to do in the center of the blocks. I was originally going to do some free motion but the idea I came up with will work better for me. More my style you could say.


I decided that the diamonds that make points will be quilted on the inside. That idea popped in my head and I immediately knew it will be what was missing in my design.

This morning I busted out the poor man's quilt design tools, aka graph paper and crayons, and drew up a pattern for the Transformers quilt.

Transformers Quilt

The more I though about fussy cutting the more it bothered me. This is a bit more simple and patchworkish than I had planned but I know it will work out. Now I'm debating on sashing or leaving them all touching. A thin 1" wide black is the contender right now. I may see how it looks once the pieces are cut and laid out.

The solids swap mommas are matching up pairs. I can't wait! I have a few cute ideas in mind.

The Hubs got his boat back from the shop and took it out for his maiden voyage. No problems at all! He's like a kid at Christmas. He wants me to go out with him but its insanely hot here in Texas and sunny to boot. I'm happy with my pasty white skin and air conditioning thank you very much.


  1. Neat way of doing the kaleidoscope colors!! That's going to be one extremely cool quilt. :D

  2. I'm curious to see how you're going to quilt your Kaleidoscope quilt. I free motioned mine and it suits it suits the design well. I love that you used an alternate arrangement. It really brings out the circles.

  3. Your kaleidoscope quilt is beautiful. I love graph paper too!

  4. Your kaleidoscope is looking lovely! I need to think about how I will quilt mine...