Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

I could have sworn I posted this past weekend. I'm going to assume the big blogger beast ate it all up. Again, I've linked up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

My Well Crap quilt has been favorited so many times on flickr! I never in a million years thought that would happen. Its so encouraging getting comments from strangers, especially ones that make quilts. Most non sewers can't appreciate the art as well.

I've got 6 more blocks to assemble, then I can start squaring up and sewing together. I think there are a couple I may have to repress, but no biggie.


I've been debating how to quilt this and the best I can figure is circles around the gray, but I worry there won't be enough in the centers of the solid print blocks. If nothing else, they will get tacked down in the centers with little * shapes.

Fabric for New Wave quilt

The fabrics are getting turned into a New Wave by Oh Franson quilt. I have 6 of the colors cut up and half of the white sashing sliced and diced as well. This is such a simple little pattern but I had a brain fart and couldn't do math. I cut a good 4 fat quarters wrong. Thankfully they were the ones I had duplicates of so the swearing was kept to a minimum.

Transformer fabric

This one is giving me the hardest time of all. This is for a 5 yr old little boy that loves Transformers. I have no earthly idea how to go about it. The large print is such a strange layout. I thought about fussy cutting the small characters and surrounding them with the solids. The thought of just cutting it all into squares and piecing them together has crossed my mind as well. The bottom 2 fabrics are flannel that will be pieced for the back. (The one on the right is stars, not that you can tell with my crappy iphone pictures.)

Word to the wise: plan a pattern THEN buy fabric.


  1. OOO I love your Kaleidoscope blocks!

  2. your Kaleidoscope layout looks great! I haven't starting cutting for mine yet but have been very tempted by this layout from seeing others' pics...

  3. love your kalediscope layout. i just started piecing mine last night. I've been thinking about how to quilt it as well. Still not sure.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the transformers. Looks like a hard print to put into a quilt. Maybe just a couple panels of the large prints framed by smaller solid squares?

  4. Here are a couple of ideas. My friend Mitzi recently did a baseball quilt...
    and a super hero quilt that had Batman on one side and Superman on the other.
    I would probably have used a few more solids but it might be a good one to look at in planning your Transformer quilt.

  5. Thank you ladies :)

    That baseball quilt is wonderful! I think that is a perfect layout. I may have to copy that. Thanks for the link Melinda! Your friend does beautiful work.